International Pediatric Surgical Congress
WOFAPS Annual Meeting

Integrated approach for better children’ outcomes - avoiding disability
June 6th - June 9th, 2018




SRCP - Romanian Society of Pediatric Surgery
“Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania
“M.S. Curie” Emergency Children's Hospital, Bucharest



Under the auspices of:

WOFAPS – World federation of Associations o Pediatric Surgeons
Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences


WOFAPS President
Prof. Dr. David Sigalet

General secretary
Prof. Dr. Alp Numanoglu

Honorary General Secretary
Prof. Emerritus Dr. José Boix-Ochoa

Congress Presidents

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Nicolae Ionescu

International Faculty

Prof. Juan de Agustin Asensio
Prof. Georges Azzie
Prof. Jose Roberto Baratella
Prof. Thomas Boemers
Prof. Ralph Cohen
Prof. Leopoldo Torres Contreras
Prof. Jean De Ville De Goyet
Prof. Alaa El-Ghoneimi
Prof. Devendra Gupta

Prof. Tom P.V.M. De Jong
Prof. Gianantonio Manzoni
Prof Memet Özek
Prof. Prem Puri
Prof. Udo Rolle
Prof. Sameh Shehata
Dr. Bogdana Tilea
Prof. Kenneth Wong
Prof. Amadeo Zanotti
Assistant Prof. Mircia Ardelean
Associate Prof. Shilpa Sharma

National Faculty

Prof. Gabriel Aprodu
Prof. Mihaela Balgradean
Prof. Eugen Boia
Prof. Vlad Ciurea
Prof . Gabriel O Ionescu
Prof. Aurel Mironescu
Prof. Gheorghe Peltecu
Prof. Corneliu Sabetay
Prof. Silvia Maria Stoicescu
Prof. Nicolae Suciu
Prof. Constantin Tica
Prof. Radu Vladareanu

Associate Prof. Laura Bălănescu
Associate Prof. Dan Cosma
Associate Prof. Calin Marius Popoiu
Associate Prof. Radu Spataru
Associate Prof. Alexandru Ulici
Dr. Mariana Coman
Dr. Vlad Costel
Dr. Otilia Fufezan
Dr. Horea Gozar
Dr. Anca Panaitescu
Dr. Gavriliu Stefan

The Romanian Society of Pediatric Surgery is grateful and appreciative for all the volunteers who devoted their free time and much needed assistance to prepare this great event. All this was possible only with your help!
Dr. Andrei Bogdan
Dr. Bunea Beatrice
Dr. Fetoiu Daniela
Dr. Isac George Vlad
Dr. Ivanov Monica
Dr. Luchita Teodora
Dr. Mocanu Mihai
Dr. Munteanu Alexandra
Dr. Oancea Marcel
Dr. Spataru Radu


Coșoreanu Vlad
Criste Simona – Alina
Dumitraș Teodor
Ion Daniela – Elena
Iliescu Ruxandra-Maria
Manu Andrei
Meianu Amelia
Neagoe Bogdan-Mihai
Nicolae Maria Teodora
Panaitescu Afrodita-Oana
Potîrniche Diana – Mihaela
Pușcașu Maria
Roșu Oana Alexandra
Stoica Stefania Alexandra
Șindrilaru Marina Irina Teodora
Tîrnovan Miruna Elena
Vasilescu Laura
Zaharia Marius-Cristian

Dates to remember

June 6th 2018
Event 1st day

May 20th 2018
Late registration fee

March 15th 2018
Abstracts Submission is now closed

April 15th, 2018
Early bird registration fee

End of March 2018
Abstract Notifications to Authors

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